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Week 1

Wed, March 6 9:30-3:30

Location: Sunnyside Branch (9200 SE Sunnybrook Blvd, #100, Clackamas)

  • Introduction to the business school
    • Setting expectations for the school
    • Starting accountability via "My Success Plan"
  • Main Topic: Sales Perspective
    • Provides an overview of the real estate business. Each student will learn what it takes both mentally and behaviorally to build a successful real estate business.
  • Tech tools: My Equity/The Vault
    • My Equity is our intranet that allows agents to communicate with all other agents in the company via app or their computer. 
    • The Vault is our web portal that you use on a daily basis for your real estate business. The Vault has access to several other websites at your fingertips.
  • Lead generation: Introduction letters
    • Hands-on letter writing workshop to help you kickstart your real estate career.


Week 2

Wed, Mar 13 9:30-3:30

Location: Sunnyside (Clackamas) 

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Successes from the last week
  • Partner Introduction: Equity Mortgage Group
  • Main Topic: Buyer conversion/Pricing
    • Teaching the five stages making an intentional, proactive, and focused approach for helping Buyers find and purchase their perfect home.
    • Showing agents how to assemble and understand a complete pricing strategy, adding to their value proposition.
  • Tech tools: Customizable Website Workshop
    • Show agents how to customize their websites to set themselves apart through a hands-on workshop 
  • Lead generation: Open House Bootcamp
    • Agents will learn how to advertise open houses, as well as how to hold their opens to be highly effective and productive. Includes information on safety as well as company tools to make open house flyers and online registration.


Week 3

Wed, Mar 20 9:30-3:30

Location: Sunnyside (Clackamas)

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Success from the last week
  • Main Topic: Sales Agreement
    • Agents begin their mastery of the sales agreement and other forms needed when working with Buyers.
  • Lead generation: Marketing Bootcamp
    • Teaches four intentional and proven approaches for creating additional working relationships. Plans, scripts, and tools are provided.


Week 4

Wed, April 3 9:30-3:30

Location: West Hills Branch (6245 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland)

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Successes from the last week
  • Main Topic: Listing Conversion
    • Teaching a five-stage conversational approach to helping sellers make informed, intelligent listing decisions. 
  • Partner Introduction: Equity Group Insurance
  • Tech tools: MAX Center
    • MAX Center is our portal to all things REMAX. We'll show agents how to navigate the portal, which includes: on-line leads, referral resources, RE/MAX University, marketing (via Design Center).
  • Lead generation: Referral Bootcamp
    • Agents learn how to proactively stay in flow with friends, family, and past clients through mailings, phone calls, and social media



Week 5

Wed, April 10 9:30-3:30

Location: West Hills

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Successes from the last week
  • Main Topic: Listing Contract
    • Agents begin mastery of the listing contract and other forms needed when working with Sellers.  
  • Tech tools: Social Media
    • Agents will learn how to use social media in a professional manner. Using Facebook, Instagram, and others the right way can bring you more exposure and more business.
  • Lead generation: Expired Bootcamp
    • Teaches a direct and proactive approach for effectively moving into relationships with people who once indicated a need to sell their home.


Week 6

Wed, April 17 9:30-3:30

Location: West Hills

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Successes from the last week
  • Main Topic: Risk Management
    • Our company's VP and General Counsel, Jeff Davis, will discuss how to proactively avoid taking risks through proper file documentation, following agency and company rules. 
  • Partner Introduction: American Home Shield
  • Tech tools: Zipforms
    • Agents will learn how to use the program that houses all OREF & RMLS forms needed for their transactions.
  • Lead generation: FSBO Bootcamp
    • Teaches agent the proactive “5-Step Follow-up” method, which is a very complete and non-threatening approach for working For Sale by Owners.


Week 7

Wed, April 24 9:30-3:30

Location: West Hills

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Successes from the last week
  • Main Topic: Escrow 101
    • Title and escrow play an important part of every transaction. What do you and your clients need to look for a preliminary report? What can you do proactively to get your transaction across the finish line more smoothly? 
  • Tech tools: Tech Q&A
    • Helping agents navigate through all the tech available to them.
  • Lead generation: Marketing Q&A
    • After going through several ways to generate leads, we will answer any questions agents have about marketing.



Week 8

Wed, May 1 9:30-3:30

Location: Suburban SW/Admin (Beaverton)

  • Accountability Roundtable
    • Successes from the last week
  • Main Topic: Activities Management
    • In our last class, agents will be shown how to become more effective and efficient. After this class, they will understand the differences between vital, dollar-productive and highest-and-best-use activities.
  • How to keep the Momentum going
    • We will discuss how to keep the momentum going and how to continue to master their skills. 
  • Agents will learn about the efforts of the Equity Group Foundation to make a difference in the local community, and how they can be involved with the foundation.
  • We will end the day with a celebration reception with our administrative team.
  •  It's important to know all of the people that make this company as strong as it is.